Flemish cycling craze reaches New York with spectacular flash mob

Friday 17 September 2021

On 20 August 2021, a group of over 50 artists performed a flash mob in Times Square to celebrate the reopening of New York. And it was all about cycling. In the run-up to Flanders 2021, this is the perfect time to launch the video.

A few months ago, after more than a year of silence in the event industry, 3 artists - including Flemish actor and producer Kenneth Core - launched the idea of a cycling-themed flash mob to celebrate the #reopening of New York. As the cradle of cycling and with the centenary of the UCI World Cycling Championship in the pipeline, the Representation of Flanders in the USA was delighted to support this great initiative.

The video posted online today shows the story of 3 Flemish friends in a cycling race who get caught up in a whirlwind of interactions with different groups of people on and around the famous red stairs. The production consists of a combination of dancing, singing and acting to music by the British rock band Queen, the Flemish electronic music project Technotronic and the Flemish folk band Laïs, mixed and edited by musical producer and keyboard artist John Bowen.

Among the artists who kicked off the project are the Flemish actor and producer Kenneth Core, the German actress, dancer, choreographer and film-maker Charly Wenzel and the American actress, writer and filmmaker Elisha Jachetti. They all have links to the New York “HB Studio” acting school. The video was filmed and edited by director Alexander Vorobyev.

Both Charly Wenzel and John Bowen teach at HB Studio, while Kenneth Core and Elisha Jachetti are students. Furthermore, about 40% of the other performers also have an HB Studio background. The rest of this great group are NYC-based artists who complete the team in performing and recording this COVID-friendly show.

You can watch the video below!