Gelijk nen Echte: Cycle around the world as often as possible!

Friday 02 April 2021

Today, in collaboration with the 2021 UCI Road World Championships and with the support of partner KBC, Kom op tegen Kanker launches the first challenge for the Gelijk nen Echte campaign. Under that name, the organisations want to make the biggest cycling team ever and raise money for the fight against cancer with the support of the whole of Flanders. So after the winter, it is time for everyone to take off their steel horses and prepare their legs, because the first challenge is the cycling challenge. Team manager Karl Vannieuwkerke challenges, together with frontwoman Ine Beyen and frontman Maarten Vangramberen, Flanders to cycle around the world as often as possible in four weeks time. Participants in the cycling challenge can win great prizes.

Cycling around the world once, that's 40,000 km. (More than) 40,000, that is also the number of people who get diagnosed with cancer in Flanders every year. To make sure that in the future fewer and fewer people will receive that bad news, today Kom op tegen Kanker (Fight against cancer) launches the first challenge of its Gelijk nen Echte (like a real one) campaign: the cycling challenge. So every kilometre cycled is one for one of those patients. The proceeds of the challenges under the Gelijk nen Echte campaign go to everything that Kom op tegen Kanker does to prevent cancer. And since the World cycling championship is approaching its 100th anniversary, Kom op tegen Kanker hopes, as its official charity partner, to be able to count on everyone to cycle around the world 100 times together. That's a tough challenge, which is why every week for four weeks a new individual challenge will be launched. Those who manage to complete it successfully will receive a virtual Medal of Equality. The real fanatics who manage to collect all four medals will receive a rainbow medal on top, as the ultimate proof of their commitment in the fight against cancer. Moreover, every week beautiful prizes will be handed out. Kom op tegen Kanker is counting on all of Flanders. So whether you go racing every Sunday with your mates or just cycle to the bakery: every kilometre counts.

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