KOERSbus: the World Championships museum on wheels

Friday 25 June 2021

The countdown to the 2021 UCI Road World Championships is in full swing. With the Flanders 2021 Roadshow starting on 24 July, the World Championships are coming to you! The roadshow has something for everyone. For example, the KOERSbus will be present during every roadshow. The cycling museum of KOERS, Museum of Cycle Racing in Roeselare, takes you on an exciting journey through the history of 100 years of World Championships. 

KOERS took the initiative a little while ago to have a bus converted into a museum on wheels. That’s how the KOERSbus was born. In the museum on wheels, visitors can look back on 100 years of world champions on the road in an interactive manner. Using impressive collection pieces and stories, the museum on wheels catapults you through the rich history of cycling. 

There is a great deal to experience in the KOERSbus. For example, you can share your World Championships story or souvenir and browse countless World Championships cycling jerseys, medals and bicycles. You can learn about cycling, for example, through the timeline of World Championships milestones you will find there. After a visit to the travelling museum, your World Championships knowledge will be completely up to date and you will be ready to make the most of the Cycling World Championships in September! In short, the KOERSbus brings out the rainbow jersey feeling in every visitor, cycling fan or otherwise.