How to get to Bruges without issues?

The winners of the time trials at the 2021 UCI Road World Championships will be decided in ’t Zand in Bruges. Many of the streets in the West Flemish capital will be closed until all the riders have passed through. As a result, driving into town or parking near the course is therefore impossible. Those coming to Bruges are advised to leave their cars at a distance and continue their journey by train or bicycle.

  • Bike
  • Train
  • Car

Anyone who comes by bike can also always combine start and finish. Bruges is about an hour by bike from Knokke-Heist.

  • Every destination remains accessible and there are no detours.
  • The city has set up bicycle stands near the Bruges railway station and near Smedenpoort.


Park-and-Bike car parks will be set up on the periphery of Bruges. These car parks are easy to access from the motorway and are no more than a 30-minute bicycle ride from the event venue. The route to the track will be marked. 

Koestraat 400 parking places
P+R Steenbrugge 180 parking places
P+R Boogschutterslaan 100 parking places

You can also travel by train to the station of Bruges.

  • Bruges’ railway station is just a 10-minute walk from the World Championship circuit and the finish zone.
  • You can easily get to Bruges by train from Antwerp, Brussels or Ghent.
  • Moreover you enjoy a 50% discount on the ticket price on Saturdays and Sundays with a weekend ticket.
  • The NMBS will also be putting on additional trains during the World Championships.

You can find more information and a journey planner on the website of the NMBS.


No station with connection to Bruges near you? Park your car in an NMBS car park in the station of your choice and finish your journey by train. Train travellers can park their car in an NMBS car park at discounted rates. You can find a list of all the NMBS car parks here.

Gent-Sint-Pieters 1072 spots

For those who are not coming to the UCI Road World Championships, but still need to get around Bruges: 

  • Use Waze or Google Maps. There will be several road closures in Bruges. So do not rely on your sat-nav or your knowledge of the region.
  • Follow the signs that have been set up locally.
  • Be aware that it may take longer to get to your destination because of the diversions and traffic.

If you are not travelling to the World Championships, consider choosing another destination or postponing your trip. If you do intend to travel by car during the World Championships, we recommend that you use Waze or Google Maps for the most current traffic updates as many roads will be (temporarily) closed. However, every destination remains accessible on foot or by bike.

Are you a visitor of the World Championships in Bruges? You can find more information on the traffic measures on the website of the City of Bruges.

Do you live in Bruges?

Do you wonder as a citizen of Bruges what the consequences will be of the World Championships for your city? Please consult all information about the subject on the website of the city of Bruges.