• Bike
  • Train
  • Tram and Subway
  • Free shuttle bus

The best way to get to the Flandrien loop easily is of course by bike.

  • Every destination remains accessible and there are no detours.
  • There are bicycle stands in the various World Championships villages where you can safely park your bike.

Shuttle buses are being scheduled from various stations to the Flandrien loop.

  • Groenendaal station: free shuttle bus to Overijse
  • Terhulpen station: free shuttle bus to Overijse
  • Wavre station: free shuttle bus to Huldenberg
  • Sint-Joris-Weert station: free shuttle bus to Huldenberg

You enjoy a 50% discount on your train ticket on Saturdays and Sundays with a weekend ticket.

From Brussels you can reach the Flandrien loop by metro and tram.

  • Metro 5 to Delta + free shuttle bus to World Championships village Overijse
  • Metro 1 to Montgomery + tram 44 to Tervuren “Oppemstraat” (towards Tervuren Station) + free shuttle bus to World Championships villages Vossem/Duisburg

In Tervuren and Huldenberg there are free shuttle buses to the Flandrien loop.

  • To Tervuren
    • Vossem ó Carrefour Leuvensesteenweg ó Tervuren ó Duisburg
  • To Huldenberg
    • Hoeilaart gemeenteplein ó Kasteelpark Huldenberg (via Overijse)

More information about the mobility measures concerning the Flandrien loop and the accessibility of the various municipalities can be found on the websites of the municipalities of Overijse, Tervuren and Huldenberg.

Don’t forget to get to the event in good time. So you won’t miss the spectacle of this anniversary edition of the World Cycling Championships!

If you are not travelling to the World Championships, consider choosing another destination or postponing your trip. If you do intend to travel by car nearby during the World Championships, we recommend that you use Waze or Google Maps for the most current traffic updates as many roads will be (temporarily) closed. However, every destination remains accessible on foot or by bike.