Flanders 2021 VIP Ride

Flanders 2021 VIP Ride

On 26 September 2021, a few hours before the professional cyclists arrive, you will get the unique opportunity to cycle the Flandrien loop and the city loop in a peloton of 100 people. Then, as a VIP, you can experience the World Championships from the front row at the football stadium in Leuven. A day to dream of for every cycling fan! Can you follow a peloton that rides at an average speed of 25 km/h? Then quickly secure your spot!

Date: 26 September 2021

Start: Leuven - Stadium OHL at 8 p.m.

Distance: 65 km in guided peloton with an average speed of about 25 km/h

Price: 525 EUR

The circuit and program can still be adjusted in function of the World Championships races.


City circuit

Immediately after the start, you will discover the hefty climbs of the local loop in Leuven in the sporty peloton. This loop is run by the men elite a total of no fewer than eight times during the race!

St. Antoniusberg is the first climb to challenge your wheels after two kilometres. With an average gradient of almost 6% at 230 metres, this is the ideal preparation for the next climbs on your path, namely the Keizersberg (290 m - 9% max. - 6.6% average), the Decouxlaan (975 m - 6% max. - 2.5% average) and the Wijnpers (360 m - 8% average and 9% max.). After descending the Wijnpers, you leave the local loop via the Tervuursesesteenweg and continue towards the Flandrien loop.


Flandrien loop

Veeweidestraat is the starter on the menu of the Flandrien loop. With an average gradient of more than 5% at 484 metres and a maximum gradient of 12 percent, this climb is a good warming-up for the next arduous climbing. After 36 km, a wall appears in front of you: the Smeysberg. The climb promises to be one of the deciding factors of the 2021 UCI Road World Championships. With an average gradient of 8.84% at 700 metres and a maximum of up to 16% you will soon feel why.

For the participants in the longest distance, the Moskesstraat will follow three kilometres later. The completely renewed climb has an average gradient of 8% at 550 metres, which makes it a very difficult climb. Try to have some energy left at the end of the Moskesstraat, because the last stretch can reach a maximum of no less than 18%.

In the heart of Official Village Overijse, you can once again accelerate the heart rate in the “S” bend, followed by the Taymansstraat. With the accumulation of slopes, this climb will also be a challenging one, with an average gradient of almost 6% at 738 metres and a maximum gradient of 18.3%.

Followed a little later by Bekestraat (439 m - 7.5% average - 15% max.). For the time being, this is a relatively unknown climb for the public, but that may soon be about to change. Bekestraat is a real calf muscle killer, tailored to the explosive cobblestone eaters with another power explosion in the legs.


Participation package

  • Welcome coffee and breakfast
  • Extensive provisions at the start and provisions on the way
  • Accident insurance (no helmet = not insured)
  • Technical assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Route map / marked circuit
  • Side plate
  • Official 2021 UCI Road World Championships jersey
  • VIP lunch package OH Leuven at 450m from the circuit with 8 passages
  • Unique World Championships experience! 

Algemene voorwaarden


Overnight accommodation

Looking for overnight accommodation during the World Championships week or want to start your cycle tour fully relaxed? Then be sure to visit the website of Leuven and Flemish Brabant.


Good cause

Want to support the fight against cancer on your bike? Cycle with us, the “Gelijk nen Echte” team. Together with team leader Karl Vannieuwkerke, front woman Ine Beyen and front man Maarten Vangramberen, Kom op tegen Kanker wants to form the biggest cycling team against cancer! Join in as well, and make an extra contribution with your registration without any obligations. In this way, you support the prevention projects of Kom op tegen Kanker, Official Charity Partner of the 2021 UCI Road World Championships.


The organisers advise everyone to avoid any form of strenuous physical activity for which they are not adequately prepared. Make sensible choices about the distance you ride and/or the pace you set for yourself. Anyone who aims to improve performance and compete at a high intensity should see a doctor or a specialised sports physician annually for a check-up.

There is no requirement to produce a medical certificate. It is up to the participant to decide how to use the information resulting from a medical check-up. The organisers cannot be held liable in this respect.

IMPORTANT: if you have symptoms of COVID-19, we ask you to stay at home!


More information? 

Don't hesitate to send an email to info@flanders2021.com