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Welcome to Flanders

Whether in stylish Antwerp, picture perfect Bruges, the capital Brussels, best kept secret Ghent or cozy Leuven and Mechelen, Flanders is packed with heritage. That enormous legacy was built by many generations of brilliant craftsmen. The same goes for countless other fields of work. Take Flanders’ unique food and beer culture. With the same boldness our chefs and brewers keep on building new heritage. Whether in food and beer, in diamonds or nanotechnology, architecture or comic books, the gutsy craftsmen are Flanders’ beating heart.

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Cycling in Flanders, The Heartland of Cycling

Suffer like a proper Flandrien on Flanders’ famous bergs & cobbles.
Discover impressive routes, cool events, challenging bucket lists and tips to plan your stay!
Pay a visit to Flanders’ famous historic cities and quench your thirst with our famous beers.
So, do you dare to stay a bit longer to discover Flanders like a real Flandrien?

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Flanders is equally ambitious when it comes to sport. We want to let our amateur and elite athletes shine. Sport Vlaanderen encourages all inhabitants of Flanders to play sports. The sports administration of the Flemish government strives for all its inhabitants to take part in high quality movement or sports, regardless of age, background or ability. Therefore it invests in sports clubs and sports events, in coaches and sports infrastructure. At the same time Sport Vlaanderen supports its elite athletes to make it possible for them to exercise and perfom in optimal conditions. More info: www.sport.vlaanderen.


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